You Are Potential -A Life Changing Bible Study

The "You Are Potential" Bible Study is a life changing series designed specifically for Christians who are tired of living below their God Given Potential and are ready to get real with themselves, with God, and with others about who they really are and who God created them to be.

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If you and your small group ministry are ready to go deeper, to build true Christian community, and to love one another in a way that will change your lives forever...

this is the Bible Study Challenge you have been praying for.

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This is where faith meets Real Life and

Real Lives are Transformed.

Become Who God  Created You to Be! 

Books & Bible Studies

"You Are Potential" - a 10 week bible study designed to help     you and your small group grow in Christian community and           tap into your God Given Potential.  Learn More...

"God, Am I Really Saved" - a must read resource for anyone struggling with the question of their own salvation.

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"You Are because HE SAID" - 26 Truths to About Who You Are

This is an easy to read handbook  to help motivate and inspire Christians to replace their broken beliefs with practical truths from God's Word. Sandy outlines 26 Truths that will transform the way they see themselves, the way they relate to God, and the way they love others. To order your copy click here.

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Speaking / Teaching

  • Women's Workshops: Identity - Community - Authenticity 
  • Wellness Seminars: Balancing Mind, Soul, and Body - Overcoming Abuse - Thriving Not Surviving - Abundant Life
  • Corporate Events:  Authentic Leadership - Working In Community - Tapping Into Your Potential and more

Invite Sandy to host a conference or to be a speaker at an upcoming event.  With her life experience, her love for Jesus, and her contagious enthusiasm, Sandy is sure to add an element of pure authenticity and power to your event.  She speaks on topics ranging from authentic living, to understanding our identity in Christ, to facing our demons from the past, to learning to live our live to the full, and more. 

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