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Bob Russell - Founding Pastor - Southeast Christian Church

Sandy has packaged her study with thought-provoking exercises, helpful illustrations, and provocative questions all of which are designed to help you become "all you can be in Christ".  I commend this study to you, confident you will grow in your faith and relationship with God and others.

One Happy Mom - Louisville, KY

My daughter had been trying on and off for the last decade to work on herself . Her sporadic attendance to bible studies helped her to make some progress. However,  it was the You Are Potential Bible Study that rocked her world, opened her eyes to her true internal self, and literally changed her life. She is now attending college, is maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and has found a wonderful man who treats her with love and respect.  It was You Are Potential that finally made all the puzzle pieces come together!!!!  Praise God.

Lindsey Tichenor - Regional VP, Arbonne

Of all the studies I've done in the past, none have challenged me to look so deep inside of myself.  As a result, I can now see that there are contradictions between what God’s word say’s about me and what I really believe about myself.  These contradictions have blocked me from achieving my God Given Potential.  Thanks to this study I now have the tools I need to combat those doubts and to finally become who God Created Me to Be.

Angela Crawford - President, Crawford Partners LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Sandy in the corporate  environment.  She is a passionate leader.  She will share information and encourage, yet she is also not afraid of the truth.  These qualities make her uniquely qualified to help others become the best they can be for themselves and as disciples of Christ.

Deb Kraft - Regional Manager, Cisco Systems

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in several of Sandy's You Are Potential Bible study sessions, and can't wait to bring the entire study to the small group that meets in my home .     If you are working to grow in your faith, this challenging but encouraging study should definitely be a resource you consider using.

Babs Kosko - Small Business Owner

After taking the You Are Potential Bible Study I am able to offer more grace, forgiveness, and compassion than I ever have before.  Instead of looking at others in judgment, I now visualize a banner hanging over their heads with the words 'Broken, Needs My Understanding', and with that I am free to love more deeply.

Eric Geary - Chief Executive Officer,

                        Lexington Leadership Foundation

You Are Potential is a thoughtfully framed Bible study that has a very unique and powerful rhythm.  The practical reflective work coupled with the Bible study components and art of good questioning helps you look in the mirror to see who you are, who you are intended to be, and how to tap into your God Given Potential.

Cynthia Kinnard - Gospel Singer / Missionary

Taking the You Are Potential Bible Study with Sandy has released me from my need to always be performing for others.  Now I am free to look to the future and know that God loves me for who I am, not performing for others approval, but for Him alone.  Understanding my God Given Identity has given me the tools I need to truly walk in freedom.  Thanks Sandy!

Peggy Rivera - Director Women's Ministry

Sandy is a wonderful and gifted teacher and speaker who reminded the women of Eastern Hills Baptist Church who they truly are in Christ.  Sandy humbly and unashamedly exposes her heart and unleashes Biblical truth that has the power to set people free.  We can't wait to have Sandy back.


Testimonials and Endorsements

Dr. Debra Clary  - Corporate Director, 

                                  Leadership Institute, Human Inc.

Sandy's unique blend of executive business experience and fully authentic teaching style makes her compelling to listen to and to learn from.  Her commitment to drawing out 'the best' in others makes the You Are Potential Bible study a must for anyone serious about achieving their God Given Potential.